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A primary focus of our firm is executive search in which we assist organizations in the identification, recruitment, selection and support of individuals for leadership positions.

A successful search first requires a comprehensive assessment of the organization so that the needs of the organization will be realistically translated into the position description. We work with an institution in defining these needs and assist in the development of the details of the position description so that each search is specifically designed to meet the uniqueness of the respective institution.

Through a variety of marketing venues and drawing on the significant database of RCG contacts, the search process begins with the identification and screening of candidates. Our consultants aggressively seek talented individuals who may or may not be seeking a new position at that time.

RCG’s role is to facilitate the process that will produce excellent candidates who meet the needs and expectations of the organization while ensuring that the search process generates a positive image of the institution. We work as partners/guides with appropriate officials and designated groups in the process that will successfully identify and recruit an individual who meets the leadership institutional needs and fits the culture of the place at that particular time.

RCG in conjunction with the institutional representatives conducts extensive reference checks for all final candidates. Final selection of the successful candidate is the responsibility of the appropriate authorities of the organization, not RCG.

Once the selection of the final individual is made, RCG will assist in the negotiation of the final contract, which may facilitate this important and delicate process. We work with both the institution and the candidate in providing information on realistic compensation and benefit packages.

One of the greatest needs for new chief executive officers is coaching in the initial few months of their new assignment. Frequently, chief executive officers in particular have no professional confidantes with whom to talk. To address this situation, we match a new appointee with a sitting or former president from a similar type institution who will make contact and develop a relationship and ongoing dialog to assist the new executive in their transition. We believe this unique aspect of our search effort will be of great benefit both to the individual and to the institution.

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