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Strategic Planning

Organizations that have a candid understanding of their organizational strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats coupled with a clearly stated and broadly embraced purpose are more likely to successfully ride the waves of rapid change and swiftly moving demands for better, less costly, more quickly and efficiently delivered programs and services.

Effective strategic planning is based solidly on a thoughtful and comprehensive SWOT analysis of the organization and its context. It is a rigorous and systematic process that includes representatives from all relevant organizational units and constituencies.

RCG assists the organization in a deliberate and calibrated process of organizing and institutionalizing the planning process. Assistance is provided for the establishment of timetables, reporting structures, accountability designation, monitoring systems and schedules of reviews. The planning process is explained during orientation meetings with selected representatives from across the organization.

The organizational representatives and participants are led through the purpose, confirmation and establishment of goals and measurable objectives. Strategies and tactics are developed. The effectiveness of the strategies and tactics are evaluated utilizing the measurement systems and all evaluative data is then fed back into the planning process so that ineffective or less than adequate strategies and tactics can be revised, dropped or retried.


RCG’s services include assessing market and sub-market potential, conducting a marketing audit of the organization (or one or more units) to determine the effectiveness of the current marketing efforts. Drawing from the organization’s strategic plan, RCG makes recommendations and suggestions for new programs and markets, increasing enrollment or clientele, and/or event planning related to a need for increased visibility.

The consultants of RCG specialize in the very important service of envisioning potential, strengths and opportunities for organizations that have been over looked or not considered. Assistance also is provided for the strengthening or re-packaging of existing programs and services. RCG gives specific and rigorous attention to the greater context of the organization and competitors. RCG assists in linking talents and organizational strengths with opportunities previously not considered.

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