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People make the world go round and organizations are no exception. People affect organizations and organizations in turn limit or empower people. People are the engines, the fuel and the key instruments through which work is accomplished and success achieved. RCG focuses on people and the systems designed to serve them, their needs, and their organizations.

Organizations maximize their potential for success when careful attention is given to the support needs, the work distribution and communication systems, workplace space, work resources and schedules, reward and advancement/learning opportunities of the employees.

For talented, motivated and responsible individuals to perform optimally, organizational structures and systems must be efficient, effective and economical and engender collaboration and mutual support.

Organizational Development

RCG’s services are designed to offer the organization a rigorous and thorough examination of the its major components. RCG consultants lead the organization in a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities) that may include one or all five key areas:

  1. Organizational culture
  2. Resources including human, financial, technological, etc.
  3. Operational systems,
  4. Context and competition and
  5. Context niche (market position).

Importantly, RCG acknowledges and focuses on an analysis of both the formal and informal aspects of each organizational system. The actual or informal practices and processes may not be congruent with the purported formal structure. Significant discrepancies between the formal and informal systems can be dysfunctional for the organization. Recognition and adjustment of discrepancies between the formal and informal and purported versus actual have the potential to increase the success of the organization.

Depending on the organization’s most needed area of focus; RCG brings together a team of consultants with successful in-depth experience and knowledge in the specific areas that are targeted for extra rigorous assessment.

Leadership Development

The leadership development services of RCG consultants assist individuals and leaders in the discovery and utilization of their talents and potential in a mutually beneficial way for the individual and his or her organization.

Just as different positions require different technical competencies, leadership posts have varying skill and experiential requirements. The type of organization, the stage of development of the organization, the pressing current internal and/or external issues, and the composition and characteristics of the other organizational member all play a part in effective leadership selection, development and support.

RCG distinguishes between technical core competencies and the leadership potential, skills and experience portfolio of an individual. At the executive level, technical core competencies may be relevant to the specific organizational needs at the time, for example, a college that is solid if not outstanding but is not well known, may look for a president who has a marketing background. Generally, top executive positions call for a broad array of leadership skills and experience.

RCG’s conducts leadership quotient assessment to evaluate the current state of the leadership supply in an organization. The assessment assists in the identification of underused and new leadership potential; and delineates a plan to achieve optimal staffing and deployment. The plan pays special attention to the educational, experiential and in house training for the development of new leaders and the enhancement of current ones. The RCG leadership quotient assessment can be adapted for use at either or both the individual or organizational level(s).

For leadership and team development, RCG offers personality assessment with certified professionals; research based self-analysis programs. Programs in skill set development, as well as coaching; including a specialty in dual career couple coaching.

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